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In an elaborate ceremony last night, fat rage-eater Harvey Weinstein was re-annointed the vengeful God of Hollywood from the stage of the Golden Globes by High Priestess Meryl Streep. It seems like only yesterday that Harvey Weinstein, the cruel bully responsible for unleashing Quentin Tarantino on the world, was teetering under the weight of karma, laid low and nearly bankrupt while Hollywood looked on with satisfaction at the rare spectacle of justice. But there he was last night at the Golden Globes, fat and happy, bathing in that old mixture of fear and adulation from the assembled heavies while his films took six awards—three for The Artist, one for Iron Lady, one for W. E., and one for My Week With Marilyn. Michelle Williams hailed him from the stage at "the punisher. " Streep venerated him: "I want to thank God—Harvey Weinstein. The punisher. Old Testament, I guess. " The Weinsteins took Best Picture last year at the Oscars with King"s Speech, so Harvey has been back on top (or near it) for some time now. But you"re not really back until everyone nervously sings your praises in a public forum as you gaze on with a look that could signal content or menace, depending on the lighting. That"s what happened last night. Pretty soon, the bodies of those who betrayed Harvey while he was down will turn up hanging from light poles along the 405. Until then, here"s a look back at Harvey"s journey through the wilderness and back, in timeline format. October 2005: After a humiliating blow-up with parent company Disney, the Weinstein brothers leave Miramax and hang a shingle as the Weinstein Company, announcing $490 million in equity on top of a $500 million line of credit from Goldman Sachs. 2005 to 2007: TWC releases a host of terrible, terrible movies that nobody watches: Derailed, Transamerica, Clerks II, etc. May 2006: TWC begins expanding beyond movies with an investment in, a social network for rich people. March 2007: Buys Halston, a fashion label. February 7, 2008: Strikes a deal to move Project Runway from Bravo to Lifetime for a reported $150 million despite the fact that Bravo"s parent company NBC Universal had the right to match Lifetime"s bid. April 7, 2008: NBC Universal sues over Project Runway, claiming breach of contract. TWC hires über-lawyer David Boies. November 2008: Lays off 224 staffers worldwide. February 2009: The Reader is inexplicably nominated for five Oscars and wins one; it pulls in $108 million worldwide on a $32 million budget, but fails to counterbalance all the duds. April 1, 2009: TWC admits wrongdoing in Project Runway suit and pays NBC Universal to make it go away. June 2009: Hires bankruptcy advisory firm Miller Buckfire to advise it on how to escape from its mountain of debt. August 15, 2009: Humiliating New York Times profile portrays brothers as chastened and struggling to "regain their golden touch. " August 21, 2009: Inglourious Basterds opens to a healthy $38 million. But TWC has sold half the film to Universal, and so has to split the profits, which aren"t enough to save it. September 2009: Fails to repay $75 million bridge loan. October 2009: Lays off 30 more staffers. October 13, 2009: TWC unloads its stake in November 2009: Disney decides to sell Miramax. Despite financial chaos, TWC teams with Ron Burkle to put together a $600 million bid. December 2009: Highly anticipated Nine opens to dismal $5 million weekend. January 2010: More layoffs. March 4, 2010: Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project, a Canadian documentary portraying Harvey in an unfavorable light, secures $1 million in funding —the most stark signal yet that the Weinsteins no longer had the power to bully or buy their way to good publicity. May 2010: After six months of negotiating, Disney rejects the Weinstein/Burkle bid for Miramax, forever dashing the brothers" hopes of regaining control of their old company. June 2010: Weinsteins get a reprieve from Goldman on its $500 million debt. In exchange for Weinstein handing over control of its library of films, Goldman shaves $115 million off the debt, waives interest payments, and offers an extension. December 2010: Disney closes sale of Miramax to investor group led by Ron Tutor. February 2011: King"s Speech wins four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and pulls in $414, 000, 000 worldwide on a $15 million budget. March 2011: Triumphant Vanity Fair profile portrays brothers as chastened and struggling to "get their groove back. " January 15, 2012: The Artist sweeps the Golden Globes, winning the Weinsteins numerous hosannas from the stage and setting them up for another brilliantly and ruthlessly engineered Oscar campaign. Tomorrow: The purges begin. [ Photoillustration by Jim Cooke; images via Getty. ].


Inglourious Basterds location: Shosanna and the German soldier in the Parisian bistro: Bistrot La Renaissance, Rue Championnet, Paris CAST | Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Laurent, Diane Kruger, Daniel Brühl, Eli Roth, BJ Novak, Til Schweiger, Michael Fassbender, Léa Seydoux, Rod Taylor, Mike Myers, Julie Dreyfus, Samuel L Jackson, Harvey Keitel Quentin Tarantino won’t be drawn on the odd title, though I’m sure the quirky spelling was no hindrance when it came to avoiding copyright issues with the 1977 film, Inglorious Bastards. ‘Once upon a time in occupied France’ gives a clue to the film’s take on reality but, let’s be honest, this audacious fantasy of Jewish revenge on the Third Reich is only fractionally more far-fetched than many Hollywood war movies have been. The director kicks off with his magpie habit of lifting music from other movies (the theme from John Wayne ’s 1960 The Alamo in this case), before launching into a series of suspense sequences heightened by the director’s matchless ear for dialogue. Though set largely in France, most of the movie was filmed in Germany, at the Babelsberg Studios at Potsdam, southwest of Berlin. Built in 1917 as the UFA (Universum Film Aktien Gesellschaft) Studios, the studio really is where Joseph Goebbels shot his notorious propaganda films for the Führer. Yet before being co-opted for such noxious vehicles as the infamous Jud Süss, Babelsberg was home to such classics of the Twenties and Thirties as Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Metropolis and The Blue Angel. So, first the disappointments. You won’t find ‘La Gamaar’, the cinema run by Shosanna ( Mélanie Laurent) in Paris, or indeed, anywhere. It was built – both interior and exterior – in the studio. The design was inspired by two favourite Los Angeles picture palaces you may be familiar with: the Vista Theater, 4473 Sunset Drive, in East Hollywood (seen in the Tarantino -scripted True Romance) and downtown’s lavish Los Angeles Theatre, 615 South Broadway (which has featured in films as diverse as The Artist, Armageddon, Batman Forever, Chaplin, Charlie’s Angels and Christopher Nolan ’s The Prestige). And, just to ensure Babelsberg was preserved for future productions, a duplicate cinema interior was built in an abandoned cement factory to film the final explosive conflagration. ‘La Louisiane’, the basement bar where the meeting with film star Bridget von Hammersmark ( Diane Kruger) goes horribly wrong, was also no more than a studio set, as was the interior of the LaPadite farmhouse, in which chillingly polite Colonel Hans Landa ( Christoph Waltz) interrogates the hapless farmer. The exterior is a cabin overlooking the village of Sebnitz, just a few miles northeast of Bad Schandau down near the Czech border. Inglourious Basterds location: the Basterds interrogate – and scalp – Nazis: Hahneberg Fort, Germany | Photograph: flickr / mKerenski Just outside Berlin itself, the wooded ravine with brick arches where Aldo Raine ( Brad Pitt) and the Basterds interrogate Nazis before taking scalps, is Fort Hahneberg, Hahnebergweg 50, west of the city (near to Spandau). The partition of Germany meant that the fort, built in 1888 as a defence for the city but never actually used, lay for decades undisturbed in a strip of no-man’s-land. It’s now been opened up and there are regular guided tours (from April to October). Hitler"s office, where the surviving Private Butz recounts the gory details of his encounter with the Basterds, was shot in the Clay Headquarters Compound of the United States Army in Berlin, at the corner of Clayallee and Saargemuender Strasse in the Dahlem district. Built for the German Air Force in the late Thirties, the complex was taken over after the war to be used as headquarters of the US Military Government for Germany. When the US army finally vacated the compound, it stood empty, occasionally finding use as a film location ( Bryan Singer ’s Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise, filmed here). It was recently sold and its future is uncertain. Inglourious Basterds location: the Parisian bistro: Bistrot La Renaissance, Rue Championnet, Paris The one genuine Parisian location in the film is the charming little bistro where Shosanna realises that persistent young soldier Fredrick Zoller ( Daniel Brühl) is a national hero. It’s Bistrot La Renaissance, 112 Rue Championnet at Rue du Poteau ( metro: Jules Joffrin), north of the city in the 18th Arrondissement. The bar had been noticed by Tarantino in Claude Chabrol ’s 1984 drama Le Sangue Des Autres ( The Blood of Others) and was found to have remained, amazingly, unchanged. It had featured on screen even before that, in Michel Deville ’s wonderfully titled 1974 Le Mouton Enragé, with Jean-Louis Trintignant. Inglourious Basterds location: the ‘Parisian’ restaurant, to which Shosanna is summoned to met Dr Goebbels: Cafe Einstein, Kurfürstenstraße, Berlin | Photograph: Cafe Einstein The other Parisian’ location, ‘Chez Maurice’, the restaurant to which Shosanna is summoned to a meeting over strudel with Josef Goebbels, however, is back in Berlin, where it’s quite famous in its own right. It’s Cafe Einstein, Kurfürstenstraße 58, the elegant wood-panelled original which spawned a chain of coffee houses in the city. Stolz der Nation ( Nation’s Pride), the propaganda film about Fredrick Zoller being premiered at La Gamaar for the Nazi top brass, was actually filmed as a seven-minute short by Eli Roth (the director of Hostel, who also wields a mean baseball bat as Donny Donowitz, the ‘Bear Jew’). You can catch the full version (with yet another baby-in-runaway-pram homage to Battleship Potemkin – see Brazil or The Untouchables) on the DVD of Inglourious Basterds. Set in ‘Sicily’, the film-within-a-film was shot on Untermarkt and Obermarkt in the old town of Görlitz, about 40 miles northeast of Bad Schandau, but on the border with Poland. The unmodernised streets of Görlitz also served as the backdrop to two more WWII dramas – Stephen Daldry ’s 2008 The Reader, with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes, and The Book Thief; as well as standing in for ‘Paris’ in the 2004 version of Around The World In 80 Days and for the fictitious country of ‘Zubrowka’ in Wes Anderson ’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

(Reuters) - At the heart of Harvey Weinstein’s New York rape trial is a power dynamic between a producer of some of the biggest culture-defining films of the past 20 years and two women who accuse him of abusing that stature by ually assaulting them. Film producer Harvey Weinstein leaves Criminal Court during his ual assault trial in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U. S., February 13, 2020. REUTERS/Jeenah Moon Weinstein, 67, has pleaded not guilty to raping Jessica Mann, a onetime aspiring actress, and to ually assaulting Mimi Haleyi, a former production assistant on the show “Project Runway, ” for which Weinstein was an executive producer. Since 2017, more than 80 women have accused Weinstein of ual misconduct. He has denied the allegations and said that any encounters were consensual. During cross-examination, Weinstein’s attorneys questioned his accusers about whether they used Weinstein to land a Hollywood acting job, highlighting the influence he once wielded. The power Weinstein had in Hollywood is reflected by the volume of films he produced through his two companies, Miramax and The Weinstein Company. Many of those films helped catapult actors to successful careers. Weinstein and his brother Bob founded Miramax in 1979, selling it in 1993 to the Walt Disney Co for $80 million. (Disney later sold Miramax. ) The men stayed on until 2005, when they left to start The Weinstein Company. After reports of misconduct against Weinstein surfaced in October 2017, Weinstein took an indefinite leave from The Weinstein Company, from which he was later fired. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2018. Weinstein’s current net worth is difficult to determine - in 2015 Forbes valued his stake in The Weinstein Company at $130 million. Here are the top-grossing films from each of his production companies: TOP FIVE WORLDWIDE-GROSSING FILMS FROM MIRAMAX Chicago (2002) - $306, 776, 732 Shakespeare in Love (1998) - $289, 317, 794 Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) - $281, 929, 795 The English Patient (1996) - $231, 976, 425 Life is Beautiful (1997) - $230, 098, 753 TOP FIVE WORLDWIDE-GROSSING FILMS FROM THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY Django Unchained (2012) - $425, 368, 238 The King’s Speech (2010)- $423, 999, 102 Inglourious Basterds (2009) - $321, 455, 689 Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - $236, 412, 453 The Imitation Game (2014) - $233, 555, 708 SOURCE: Box Office Mojo Compiled by Helen Coster; editing by Howard Goller and Grant McCool.

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